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Welcome to Greentopia®

Dictionary: green-to-pi-a
1. A world where only green & eco friendly products live
2. A Green Utopia

Each one of our customers is on their way to creating their own piece of Greentopia® - in their office, home or garden.

Products found on Greentopia® must provide a significant eco benefit.

We look for such things as:
  • Can a comparable product be sourced locally?
  • Is there a comparable product with a more eco friendly manufacturing process?
  • What materials have been used to create the product?
  • Do the eco benefits of a product significantly outweigh any potential negative aspects of a product?
  • (See: becoming a supplier)
Every product you find on Greentopia® will in some way contribute to the concept of building your own Greentopia®.

Using the internet and our Melbourne warehouse, we efficiently service customers all over Australia. We keep our costs low and provide excellent value for money.

Become a Greentopian today!


Nathan Barrie
Founder - Greentopia®

Our History:

Greentopia® was launched in September 2008 with the primary goal of putting more eco friendly products in the hands of more Australians.

We realised there was only so much we can do by ourselves, so with that in mind we built our business from the ground up to work with other like-minded Australian companies.

Greentopia® is a showcase of our eco product range, which can become a seamless extension of our Partner's existing business. Almost every aspect of greentopia.com.au can be fully customised to reflect our Partner's identity and values, to enable them to offer eco products to their customers via their own eco web store.

Greentopia® is the Eco division of Genuine Benefits Pty Ltd. Our parent company specialises in providing fully outsourced ecommerce solutions to Australian companies.

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