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Wireless Weather Station: Honeywell

Picture of base unit
Picture of base unit
Picture of base unit
Picture of remote sensor
Item #: TM005X
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    Having your own weather station (or Thermo-Hygrometer) can have some great eco benefits.

    Save energy: It additional to outside weather conditions, this unit also displays indoor information. You can use this information to set your heater or airconditioner at a more conservative temperature setting.

    • Indoor/outdoor temperature - Displays remote & base unit temperatures with trends simultaneously
    • Indoor/Outdoor Humidity – Displays Remote & Base Unit humidity with comfort level
    • Jumbo LCD display with backlight - For convenient night-time viewing
    • Memory storage - Collects & recalls minimum and maximum readings easily
    • Wireless transmission - No need to drill holes or string wires, you can check remote conditions wherever you are up to 30 metres between base and remote units.
    • Channel switching - Reports on conditions from up to 3 remote locations (1 remote sensor included, addition units can be purchased separately)
    Product Details

    Main Unit:

    Indoor temperature proposed operating range: -5C to +50C/23F to 122F
    Temperature resolution: 0.1C /0.2F
    Low battery indicator

    Remote Sensor:

    Proposed operating range: -20C to +70C/with alkaline batteries -4F to 158F
    Proposed operating range: -38.8C to +70C/with lithium batteries -38F to 158F
    Indoor/Outdoor Humidity range 20% to 95%
    Temperature resolution: 0.1C/0.2F
    RF transmission frequency: 433MHz
    Maximum number of Remote Sensors: 3 (1 included)
    RF transmission range: maximum 30 metres
    Temperature sampling cycle: approximately 45 seconds
    Low battery indicator

    Power Supply:

    Main base unit: 2 x UM-3/AA (1.5V) batteries - alkaline are suggested (not included)
    Remote sensor: 2 x UM-3/AA (1.5V) batteries - alkaline are suggested (not included)


    Main base unit: 110(L) x 123.4(H) x 27.4(D)mm
    Remote sensor: 60.2(L) x 100(H) x 25.4(D)mm
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