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Showertime: Shower Timer & Alarm: Efergy

Showertime: Shower Timer & Alarm: Efergy
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    This easy to use, battery operated, show timer allows you to monitor the amount of water you use at every shower.

    Quickly and easily calibrate it to your shower by using the measuring bag supplied.

    Turn on the timer every time you shower and follow the progress on the visual display. Rather than counting down minutes, this unit allows you to decide on the maximum amount of litres you want to use, giving you full control of your water consumption. The alarm will sound when you have used your target volume of water.

    When used in conjunction with a water efficient shower head, you can make great savings on both water and energy use.

    Less time in the shower requires less hot water and less energy.

    • Digital clock
    • Programmable alarm function
    • Water resistant
    • Suction cap for easy application to tiles or glass
    • Lanyard to hang in shower
    • A simple way to save water every day
    • Save water, save money.
    • Showertime timer/clock/alarm including battery
    • Calibration bag
    • Lanyard
    • Instructions
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