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Remote Standby Eliminator: 4 Sockets: 1 Remote: Efergy

Remote Standby Eliminator: 4 Sockets: 1 Remote: Efergy
Remote and 4 sockets / receivers
Item #: EF008-4
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    This efergy remote controlled 4 socket kit allows you to turn your appliances on and off remotely. It saves you time, effort, electricity and money. Turn off appliances such as computers, TVs, microwaves or lamps.

    The remote controlled socket is great for hard to reach wall sockets under desks or behind TVs or microwaves.

    You can attach a socket to a power board turn off several appliances at once.

    The remote uses radio frequency technology (not Infrared), and therefore does not require 'line of sight' to operate. i.e. the socket could be hidden behind a shelf and the remote on/off switch will still work flawlessly.

    • Turn your appliances off remotely
    • Save time, effort, electricity and money.
    • Great for hard to reach sockets under desks or behind TVs.
    • Easy to set up and use

    How to Use:
    • Plug the socket into the mains power outlet.
    • The LED light will flash.
    • Press one of the ON switches on the remote control.
    • The LED light will flash continuously then stop.
    • The socket is now paired to this ON switch on the remote control.
    • Connect an appliance to the socket and you can now control it with the remote.
    Buying Tips:

    This efergy unit is perfect for eliminating the standby-power consumption of up to 4 power sockets (with 4 individual on/off buttons on the remote).

    However, if you wish to remotely control more than 4 sockets you should consider the Future Switch product which can accept an unlimited number of optional additional sockets.

    In addition the Future Switch product allows all these sockets to be linked to a single switch - this means you could create a 'master switch' in your home, so that when you leave you press the Future Switch and all the appliances connected to the Future Switch sockets will be turned off.
    Product Details
    Remote range: 20M
    Remote Battery: L1028 (included)
    Remote Frequency: 433.92 Mhz
    Rating: 240Vac~ / 2400W max.
    Voltage: 240Vac~ / 50Hz
    ON/OFF Indicate: LED
    Power Consumption : Each socket uses just 0.5 watts (half a watt)
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