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Future Switch: 2 Wall Sockets & 1 Remote Switch

30% Off Future Switch : 2 Wall Sockets & 1 Remote Switch
Wireless Switch & 2 sockets
30% Off Future Switch : 2 Wall Sockets & 1 Remote Switch
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    Your home entertainment and computer systems are never really 'off'. Standby power creates harmful greenhouse gasses as well as costing you money.

    All that’s about to change. FutureSwitch, the clever plug, sits between your appliance power board or plug and your power point. FutureSwitch is operated by a wireless remote switch that can be easily placed in a convenient location in your home or office.

    It’s simple to install with no electrician required. Whenever you leave your home or go to bed simply press the switch and FutureSwitch cuts the power to all your devices, taking them out of standby mode.

    On your return, press the switch again and they return to standby mode and ready for use!

    Everyday use of the FutureSwitch will save you power, and more importantly our environment.


    • One FutureSwitch transmitter can control an unlimited number of FutureSwitch wall sockets (You can buy additional wall sockets here).

    •  Future Switch sockets permanently store the 'pairing code/s' to the remote / transmitter (unless you decide to clear them) This means if there's a black-out, the sockets will retain their pairing codes, and still work with the remote when the power comes back on.

    • Various remotes / transmitters can be linked to the same wall sockets and placed around the home, enabling you to perform the one function from any location.

    • The FutureSwitch is easy to program. Once you plug in the wall socket, the front bypass
    switch will flash green. You then simply press the transmitter to link them. The same process is applied when multiple wall sockets need to be linked to a single remote / transmitter.

    • The flexibility of FutureSwitch allows you to set up different zones of your home or office. The options are limitless.

    FutureSwitch. Unpack it, plug it in and start saving.
    Product Details

    • Power Supply:
    FutureSwitch wall socket: AC mains 230-240V 50 Hz
    FutureSwitch remote switch: 1 x 12 volt type A23 battery (included)

    • Operating range: 30 meters, works through internal walls and floors. (Operating range may be reduced in some installations, particularly though metallic materials or areas with high electrical interference. )

    • Max. Loading on FutureSwitch wall socket : 10A 2400W

    • Operating frequency: 433.92 MHz

    • Power Consumption - Off mode: 0.6W, On Mode: 0.9W
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