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Energy Monitoring Socket 2.0 : Efergy

Product Image : Energy Monitoring Socket 2.0 by Efergy
Product Image : Energy Monitoring Socket 2.0 by Efergy
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    Measure the efficiency of your electronic devices with the Efergy Energy Monitoring Socket 2.0.

    It allows you to connect your appliances and shows you not only the amount of power they are consuming, but also how much they are costing. The Energy Monitoring Socket uses real time data. A large LCD display counts consumption by the Kilowatt-hour, just like utility companies. It's a great way for you to monitor each piece of electrical equipment individually and make you aware of potential energy saving.

    How does it work?

    Just plug the unit into the wall and the appliance into the unit, and you have installed the energy monitoring socket! The programming requires you to input the unit price you pay for your energy, choose which information you would like to see on the display and the unit will do the rest!
    Please have a look into our "Product Details" section to learn how to set up the product.

    Product Features:
    • Programmable to your own energy unit cost
    • Precision accuracy to within 2%
    • Memory battery back up
    • Large display for easy viewing
    • Battery option enables portability around the home
    • Different modes: Press the cost button to switch between cost settings, the energy button to viw different energy settings and you can also view the time since the appliance has been on by pressing the down button.
    • Record usage and cost over time: Cumulative data allows you to see how much energy you've used since the appliance was switched on.
    • Check your cost by day, by year and so far
    • Low power consumption

    New Advanced Features of the 2.0 Model:
    • New LCD with more and clearer information
    • Information displayed: in time related, cost related, energy parameter
    • Up to 7 energy parameters displayed (W, kWh, V, A, Hz, PF %, Max)
    • Select up to two tariffs (single tariff mode also available)
    • Up to 5 different currencies available (£, €, $, Kr, R)
    • If the EMS is on AC power then the screen is always ON
    • If no appliance is connected the EMS will not start counting
    • When battery powered, the screen shuts off after 30 seconds of inactivity

    Find out more about technical specifications in our "Product Details" section.
    Product Details
    Technical Specifications:
    • Accuracy: +/ - 2%
    • Operating Voltage: 230V - 240V
    • Voltage Range: 150 - 240V
    • Max Current: 13A
    • Current Range: 0 - 10.00A
    • Max Power: 2400W
    • Power Range: 0.2W - 2400W
    • Frequency Range: 10 - 99Hz
    • Weight: 198g
    • Dimensions: 158x 70x 65mm

    Display Range:
    • Time: 0s - 9999 days
    • Power: 0W - 9999W
    • Energy: 0 - 9999kWh
    • Voltage: 0 - 9999V
    • Current: 0.000 - 13.00A
    • Frequency: 0.000 - 9999Hz
    • Price: 00.00 - 99.99$

    Input the Unit Costs of Electricity: You can enter dual or single tariff settings.

    1) Single Tariff Set-Up:

    • Press and hold the cost button to enter set-up.
    • You will then see the currency symbol flashing.
    • Use up & down buttons to choose your currency. Press cost.
    • Use up & down buttons to choose TARIFF 1. Press cost.
    • Use up and down buttons to set the tariff cost.
    • Press the cost button to move on to the next digit.
    • Repeat the process until you have entered each digit.
    • Press cost once more to exit.
    2) Dual Tariff Set-Up
    • Enter set-up as desrcibed above, but select DUAL TARIFF.
    • Use the up and down buttons to set tariff 1 start time.
    • Press the cost button to move on to the next digit.
    • Repeat the process to set tariff 2 start time. Press cost.
    • Again, use the same process to set tariff 1 & tariff 2 cost.
    • Press cost to exit after setting cost details for both tariffs.
    • Plug in the EMS product to start saving money and energy now.

    Time Set-Up

    • Press and hold up to enter set-up. Press energy to begin.
    • Use up and down to set each digit. Press energy to confirm.
    • Press cost to exit.
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