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6 Outlet: Automatic Standby Energy Saving Powerboard

Standby Energy Saving Powerboard (6 Outlet) by Jackson Industries
Standby Energy Saving Powerboard (6 Outlet) by Jackson Industries
6 Outlet: Automatic Standby Energy Saving Powerboard - PT9778
6 Outlet: Automatic Standby Energy Saving Powerboard - PT9778
Item #: PT9778
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    Did you know that your TV and many other appliances still consume energy even when they appear to be switched off? It's called 'standby' energy/power.

    This new powerboard is a smart and simple way to reduce standby power used in your home or office.

    Proudly Endorsed by Planet Ark

    How it works

    The main appliance (computer, TV) is attached to the 'master socket'. When power to the appliance to this socket is turned off or on, either manually or using a remote control - the other four 'slave' sockets are then turned off or on automatically.

    A sophisticated sensor circuit in the powerboard detects the level of current passing through the master socket and switches the slave sockets to the same status.

    This reduces the consumption of standby power used by computer peripherals and other equipment when not in use, saving energy and money.

    One additional power socket will operate continuously and independently.

    • Surge and overload protection
    • Screw slot mounting
    • Slimline design
    • Spaced socket for transformer

    WARNING: DO NOT CONNECT LASER PRINTERS TO THE SLAVE OR MASTER SOCKET OF THIS POWERBOARD. Doing so may damage both the printer and the powerboard. However, it is fine to connect a laser printer to the normal outlet of the powerboard. If you wish to turn off a laser printer while it is not being used, please use the printers on/off switch
    Product Details
    Voltage Rating: 240VAC 50Hz
    Current Rating: 10A
    Cord Length: 1m
    Surge and Overload Protection
    Warranty: 12 Month
    Power consume when master outlet is not in use : Under 1.0 Watt.
    Support FAQ
    Please note that some large Plasma televisions may need to be connected to a "SLAVE" socket instead of the "MASTER" socket of this product.

    Some of the newer Plasma televisions draw over 30 watts even in standby, causing the powerboard to be unable to automatically detect that the Plasma has been switched off - and therefore not switching the "SLAVE" outlets off.

    (The PT9778 Energy Saving Powerboard detects power usage under 30 watts to be "off").

    If you experience this problem, please try connecting your Plasma television into one of the "SLAVE" outlets, and a connect a different device such as a DVD player into the master outlet.

    This solution will solve the problem.
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